Iceland’s peculiar and unique nature offers everything that inspires a landscape photographer – magnificent views, dramatic coastal landscapes, desolate ash deserts, glaciers and waterfalls. On this photo journey, we make our way from southern Iceland via the ancient riding trail Kjölur, right through Iceland’s interior to the northern part of the island. During our days here, we get to experience several of Iceland’s most beautiful waterfalls, travel on exciting highland roads to desolate, black ash deserts, colorful mountain areas where the volcanic activity reminds us and to the beautiful stone pillars and basalt cliffs of the northern coast.
Our focus is on creating the best possible conditions for photography and we plan the days and photo opportunities according to prevailing circumstances.

We begin our journey in southern Iceland in the area around Pjórsárdalir where Iceland’s largest river Pjórsá characterizes the landscape. Here we visit Brúarfoss, the waterfall known for its intense blue color, Gjáin – a beautiful green area with many small streams, rapids and waterfalls and Háifoss, Iceland’s fourth highest waterfall which is beautifully situated with a magnificent view of the surroundings.

We make our way to the velvet black ash deserts of the highlands, visit areas with craters, clear water lakes and moss covered mountains shimmering in metallic green. We then take the ancient riding trail Kjölur to head through Iceland’s interior towards the northern part. Between the Langjökull and Hofsjökull glaciers, we stop at Kerlingarfjöll, a geothermal area with colorful rhyolite mountains, steaming streams, mini-geysers, bubbling mud pools and magnificent views.

Mývatn is a volcanic lake in northern Iceland. The whole area is volcanic and is close to the Krafla volcano. Here there are several lava fields and geothermal places with an exciting color scale and where the ground smokes and sizzles. We also visit Grjótagjá cave, which is filled with hot water and is famous from Game of Thrones. Nearby are the symmetrical and beautiful Gódafoss (Waterfall of the Gods) and Dettifoss, Iceland’s largest waterfall in terms of water volume with an average flow of 193 cubic meters per second. We make a visit to Aldeyjarfoss, a beautiful waterfall surrounded by basalt columns with exciting patterns and formations.

Our tour continues towards the northern coast where we photograph the iconic stone pillar Hvitserkur, visit a beautiful gorge and have an evening photo shoot by the sea where black basalt cliffs meet the waves.

During the tour will our photographic leader constantly give you photographic training based on your prior knowledge and level. The guidance in the field is completely adapted to you and your needs. In addition to this, we will also have theoretical sessions where we talk about different photo techniques that we will use during the tour.

As said, the tuition is adapted to the knowledge of the group and the individual, but we will also see to what photographic opportunities may arise during the tour. During our days in Iceland, landscape photography is the focus and Frida will teach various techniques that can enhance the feeling in your images. We will also work with both “the big landscapes” and “the small landscapes”.

Magiska landskap på höglandet och norra Island. Fotoresa med Wild Nature fotoresor. Foto Frida Hermansson
Magiska landskap på höglandet och norra Island. Fotoresa med Wild Nature fotoresor. Foto Frida Hermansson


Day 1 (25/8) (Lunch – Dinner)
Arrival in Keflavik no later than 10.00am. Departure towards Flúdir.
We photograph in beautiful Gjáin and end the evening at Háifoss.

Day 2 (26/8) (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner)
Morning photography at Brúarfoss, then we return to our hotel for breakfast and continue the day up in the highlands with a packed lunch. Back at the hotel for dinner.

Day 3 (27/8) (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner)
Morning photography at the Hjálparfoss waterfall, then breakfast and rest at our hotel before we pack our things and leave for Kjölur and Kerlingarfjäll with packed lunches. We stop at the hot springs in Hveravellir and spend a few hours at Kerlingarfjöll before continuing north. We arrive at our hotel in time for dinner.

Day 4 (28/8) (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner)
Morning photography at Leirhnjúkar / Hverir, one of the volcanic areas around Mývatn, back to the hotel for breakfast and rest. Afterwards we photograph in the area around Mývatn and then head towards Aldeyjarfoss and Hrafnarbjargarfoss.

Day 5 (29/8) (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner)
Morning photography at Godafoss, back to the hotel for breakfast and rest. We visit some areas around Mývatn and end the evening at Dettifoss.

Day 6 (30/8) (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner)
Morning photography / Rest. Photography in the area before we head towards the coast and our new accommodation. We photograph a beautiful gorge and have evening photography at beautiful basalt cliffs with a view of the sea and the west fjords on the horizon.

Day 7 (31/8) (Breakfast – Lunch)
Morning photography at Hvitserkur, back to the hotel for breakfast and rest before we pack up and head to Keflavik for the journey home.

*The itinerary may change and be rescheduled depending on prevailing weather and light conditions.

More information

    On all our trips we have different theoretical photography workshops. These workshops are always related to the specific trip and can be anything from teaching different photography techniques or tips and tricks for image editing to talking about image composition or preparing for special photo opportunities on the trip.

    Throughout the trip, our photography leader provides active photography advice when we are out in the field. Everything for you to develop as a photographer and take fantastic pictures home with you.

    The landscape offers great variety and there are motifs both large and small. Therefore, we recommend that you bring a wide angle (14-24 mm or similar, a wide angle is necessary in the ice caves), a normal zoom e.g. 24-70 alternatively some fixed optics such as 24mm / 35mm / 50mm and a shorter telephoto e.g. 70-200mm which is good for the big views. Even a macro can come in handy for details.
    Tripods are recommended and necessary in the ice caves! And preferably some kind of remote trigger (even a timer works well).
    ND filters and polarizing filters can be good to have. Also rain cover for the camera.

    The weather in Iceland is variable regardless of the season. At this time of year, we can experience both windless days when the sun is still warm, but also blizzards, rain showers and a lot of wind. Layer upon layer of clothing is recommended, warm underwear in e.g. merino wool and really good rain gear, warm jacket, hat, gloves, woolen socks (at least 2 pairs) and sturdy boots and/or rubber boots since much of the photography takes place near water.
    We stay in hotels and guesthouses of middle standard.

    The accommodations are reasonably accessible, with a bit of help. The nature of the tour means that the environments may be less accessible in case of reduced mobility. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us first so we can discuss what the possibilities look like.

    Share in a double room, meals according to the itinerary, permits and guiding,, local transport, photo guiding, photography lessons and support

    Return flights to Reykjavik (NOTE! Please contact us for information about flight tickets before you book your flights), travel insurance, cancellation protection, drinks, eventual gratuities and items of a personal nature.

    The registration fee shall be paid after an invoice from us, right after your booking. The remaining amount shall be paid no later than 30 days before the trip. Payment will be in Swedish crowns (SEK). Amount in Euro and US dollars mentioned above are just reference amounts.

    The tour starts and ends at Reykjavik airport. Our tour guide will meet you there. Exact time will be announced later.

    If you are an EU citizen travel within the EU or to the Schengen countries Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Lichtenstein, you must always bring your passport or national ID card issued by the police. When checking in for a flight, a passport is required.

    For citizens outside of the EU please check if you need a visa to enter Iceland.

    Contact your insurance company to see that you are properly covered for travel insurance and cancellation protection.

    The tour is not physically demanding. If you have any medical concerns, contact your doctor and ask for advice.

    Our tours are open to all nationalities, which means that the group is often international.
    Our tour guides speak both Swedish and English, and sometimes also more languages.

    Terms and conditions

Photographic leader

Frida Hermansson
Lives in Roslagen, Sweden. Frida has had a fascination and love for animals and nature since childhood. She also works as an AD and graphic designer and that has shaped her image creation.
In her photography, she is curious and constantly strives for new ways to portray her subjects, whether it is animals, landscapes or graphic details.

Frida has had several photo shows and exhibitions and also participated in SVT’s Mitt i Naturen, “The art of photographing nature”.
Frida’s pictures are published in Fotosidan Magasin, in articles and reports on, the book “Experiences in Stockholm’s Nature”, and local press.

As a photographic guide on trips and workshops, Frida is passionate about sharing knowledge and inspiration, and the goal is always for the participants to come home with new knowledge, memorable experiences and really good pictures.


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