Terms and conditions

Wild Nature Photo Adventures by law provides travel guarantees in agreement with the recommendations of Kammarkollegiets (The Swedish Chamber of Commerce).

For the tour, the Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators (SRF) general terms and conditions agreed in the business on 28 June 2018 and Wild Nature Photo Adventure AB’s (hereinafter referred to as the organizer) apply to the special terms and conditions, which are set out below. The special conditions are indicated in italics.

The tour operator has the right to apply special conditions that deviate from the general ones, if the application of special conditions is justified by the special nature of the tour, special regulations on the transportation (such as booking and sales conditions for scheduled flights), different accommodation conditions due to the special nature of the tour or special circumstances of the destination. The special conditions must not contravene the law on package travel to the disadvantage of the traveler.

The general and special terms are part of the agreement.

1.1. The agreement becomes binding when Wild Nature Photo Adventures confirms (via e-mail) the participant’s registration, if no other agreement has been made. The organizer should confirm the participants registration without delay. The right of withdrawal does not apply to agreements on package travel.

1.2 The main participant is the person in whose name the registration has been made. The main participant is first stated in the travel documents or in other clear manner. The main participant is responsible for payment according to the agreement. All changes and any cancellations must be made by the main participant. Exceptions can be made if the main participant becomes seriously ill and is unable to make the change or cancellation. The main participant is responsible for providing the organizer with the correct booking information for other participants covered by the agreement. Any refund is made to the main participant.

1.3 If the participant is under 18 years of age and travels without a guardian, this must be stated at the time of booking. Some tours may require an age limit that may be higher than 18 years. Information is provided at the time of booking.

1.4 The times for departure and return in the booking confirmation are preliminary. The organizer must as soon as possible and if possible, no later than 20 days before departure specify the departure times that shall apply to the tour.

1.5 The organizer must provide general information about what applies in terms of passports and visas.

1.6 The organizer must provide general information about health regulations for the destination.

1.7 Connection travel or special arrangements are included in the package travel agreement only if these are booked together and at the one same time with the services included in the package trip or if these are sold together with other services for a total price.

1.8 Any special requests or services required by the participant are included in the agreement only if these have been explicitly confirmed in writing by the organizer.

1.9 The participant is obliged to check the booking confirmation / travel documents as soon as they have been received and that all information is correct, including that the names are spelled correctly and correspond to the passport. Any errors must be reported as soon as possible. The organizer reserves the right to charge a fee corresponding to the actual cost of correcting incorrect information as well as a reasonable compensation for the additional work that the correction entails. If an error is due to the organizer or someone hired by the organizer, the correction must be made at no cost to the participant.

1.10 The main participant must immediately notify the organizer of any changes to the address, e-mail address, telephone number or other information relevant to the organizer’s possibility to contact the participant.

1.11 For some tours, a minimum number of participants is required for the tour to be carried out. In that case, the participant must receive clear information about this at the latest at the time of booking.

1.12 If flight tickets are part of the package tour, these must be used in the correct order. The participant can thus not use only a return ticket when both round trips have been booked or only part of a flight route. If the ticket is not used from the start, the remaining parts will be cancelled.

2.1 The tour fee must be stated in such a way that the fee of the entire tour is clearly stated. The tour fee shall include all services included in the agreement as well as mandatory surcharges, taxes and fees.

2.2 The participant must pay the fee of the tour no later than at the time stated in the agreement.

2.3 In connection with the booking confirmation, the organizer may charge a first installment (registration fee). The registration fee must be reasonable in relation to the price of the trip and the circumstances in general.

2.4 If the participant does not pay the tour fee in accordance with the agreement, the organizer has the right to terminate the agreement and charge reasonable compensation.

2.5 Unless otherwise clearly stated, the tour fee is based on accommodation for two people in a shared double room. In the case of accommodation for only one person in a double room or larger room intended for more than one, the organizer is entitled to charge an additional fee.

2.5.1 However, a participant who has ordered a part in a double room must be prepared to pay a single room supplement if a room partner cannot be found. The single room supplement is stated in the price column for each tour / workshop. Notice whether the single room supplement needs to be paid or not received before payment of the final payment.

2.6 The organizer is also obliged to inform the participant about any additional costs that may occur.

2.7 The registration fee constitutes 20% of the tour fee per each participant. The registration fee must be paid no later than 14 days after the payment instruction has been sent out by the organizer. Final payment must be made 30 days before the departure of the tour / workshop. If registration takes place later than 30 days before departure, the entire tour / workshop fee must be paid within 3 days.

For certain tours, the first installment (registration fee) may be a different amount. Several installments may be required, and the final payment may be required at another time than 30 days before the departure of the tour / workshop. In such cases, this information will be provided upon registration.

In cases where the organizer provides flight tickets, payment of flight tickets may be required upon tour registration, depending on the rules and regulations of the air travel  company.

3.1 The participant has the right to change the agreement if the organizer allows this. Changes to the agreement may entail additional costs for the participant from the organizer or another.

3.2 The participant has the right to cancel the tour. The organizer reserves the right to request compensation from the participant for the costs the organizer may have as a result of the cancellation. The organizer can set reasonable standardized cancellation fees based on the time of cancellation. If the organizer has not set any standardized cancellation fees, the organizer is entitled to a reasonable cancellation fee.

3.3 Written cancellation notice must be provided immediately as soon as the cause for cancellation occurs. Cancellation date is the date that the notice of cancellation arrives at Wild Nature Photo Adventures.

If cancellation occurs more than 60 days before the tour/workshop commences, an amount corresponding to the tour registration fee will be charged as a cancellation fee. If the cancellation is made 60 – 31 days before departure, an amount corresponding to 50% of the tour price will be charged as a cancellation fee. If the cancellation is made 30 days or less before departure, there is no refund. Please note that if the cancellation is made 60 days or less, before departure and final payment has not yet been received, the remaining amount, as above, must be paid immediately.

Once a tour/workshop has commenced there will be no refunding from the organiser for any part of the tour/workshop that a participant does not take part in.

The fees are based on group participation and refunds are not made for any part of the program that you do not intend to participate in. Refunds are not made to participants who do not end the tour / workshop, whatever the reason may be. In cases where flight tickets are booked by the organizer and have already been issued and paid in full or in part, no refund will be paid for the flight ticket.

4.1 The participant may transfer the agreement to someone who meets all the conditions to participate in the tour. Such a condition can for example be that the transport company or another hired by the organizer according to current rules must accept the change of traveler. The participant must notify the organizer or tour operator of the transfer in a reasonable time before departure. Notification made no later than seven days before departure is always considered to have been made in a reasonable time.

4.2. The organizer may charge a reasonable fee for the transfer. The fee may not exceed the costs that the transfer entails for the organizer. The organizer must show how the cost has been calculated.

4.3. The transferor and the acquirer are jointly and severally liable to the organizer or tour operator for all that remains to be paid for the tour and for the extra costs that the transfer entails.

5.1 Change of agreement terms
The organizer has the right to make changes to the agreement provided that the organizer informs the participant about the change in a comprehensible and clear manner on a durable medium. If the change is insignificant, for example minor changes of flight times, the participant is not entitled to a price reduction or compensation. In the event of significant changes to the tour, the participant must, if possible, be offered an alternative tour or the right to terminate the agreement without a cancellation fee.

5.2. Change of price
5.2.1. The organizer may increase the price of the tour if the increase is due to changes in fuel costs, taxes and public fees or exchange rates.

5.2.2. The price of the tour may be increased by an amount corresponding to the participants share of the cost increase that the organizer suffers. The right to a price increase only exists if the cost increase in total exceeds SEK 100 per booking.

5.2.3. The price of the tour must be reduced if the organizer’s costs, for reasons stated above, decrease by a total of at least SEK 100 per booking. In the event of a price reduction, the organizer may deduct actual administrative costs.

5.2.4. The organizer shall as soon as possible notify the participant of the price changes. The notification must contain a justification for the change and a calculation.

5.2.5. The price may not be increased and does not need to be reduced during the last 20 days before the agreed departure date.

5.2.6. The organizer may, in its special conditions, waive the right to increase the price according to 5.2.1. In that case, the organizer does not need to lower the price according to 5.2.3.

5.2.7. Wild Nature Photo Adventures waives the right to increase the price according to 5.2.1, however, changes in fuel costs and public charges such as national park fees are excluded.

5.2.8. The minimum number of participants required to go through with the tour / workshop is stated in the fact box of the tour / workshop. If the minimum number is not reached, the trip can often be carried out for a surcharge instead of being canceled. If the price surcharge exceeds 8% of the total price of the trip, the participant has the right to terminate the travel agreement.

5.3. The participants right to terminate the agreement without cancellation fee
5.3.1. If the participant wants to terminate the agreement due to a significant change, e.g. if the price is increased by more than 8% of the total price of the package tour, the participant must notify the organizer that the agreement is terminated within a reasonable time specified by the tour operator from the time the organizer informed the participant of the change.If the participant does not, the participant will be bound by the new agreement.

5.3.2. If the package travel agreement is terminated, the organizer must repay the entire tour price without undue delay and no later than 14 days after the agreement was terminated.

5.4 The organizer’s and participants right to terminate the agreement in the event of unavoidable and extraordinary events
5.4.1. Both the organizer and the participant have the right to terminate the agreement if the fulfilling of the package tour or the transport of passengers to the destination is significantly affected by unavoidable and extraordinary events at the destination or in its immediate surroundings. By unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances is meant, for example, serious security problems such as war, terrorism, outbreaks of serious illness or natural disasters. In such cases, the participant has the right to terminate the agreement without paying any cancellation fee. If the organizer terminates the agreement in accordance with this clause, the participant is not entitled to compensation. In such cases, the participant is entitled to a full refund in the manner according to 5.3.2.

5.4.2. The participant has no right to terminate the agreement if the unavoidable and extraordinary events were generally known at the time the agreement was entered into.

5.4.3. In order to investigate whether the incident is of such a serious nature as stated above, expert Swedish or international authorities must be consulted. As of 14 days before departure, a valid advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is grounds for termination if the advice covers the time of the participant’s tour. A current dissuasion from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall also be considered to constitute grounds for termination if it is otherwise clear that the circumstances on which the dissuasion is based affect or will affect the destination at the time of the participants journey.

5.4.4. The organizer reserves the right to cancel a tour / workshop before departure, due to too few participants. See also section 2.8. In such a situation, full payment for the tour / workshop is refunded to the participants.

5.4.5. The organizer is, regardless of the reason for the cancellation of the tour / workshop, not obliged to reimburse participants for expenses such as airline tickets, visa and passport costs, equipment for the tour / workshop or other expenses that are related to the tour / workshop.

6.1. Inadequate fulfillment
If a travel service is not carried out in accordance with the agreement, the organizer must adjust the error within a reasonable time. However, the organizer is not obliged to adjust the error if it is impossible or if the adjustment would entail disproportionate costs. If the organizer does not adjust the error, the traveler may be entitled to a price deduction and compensation.

6.2. Significant errors
6.2.1. If, after departure, a substantial part of the agreed services cannot be provided, the organizer shall, if possible, arrange equivalent or at least equivalent alternatives at no extra cost to the participant. If the organizer cannot offer this, the organizer may offer alternatives of lower quality in conjunction with a reasonable price reduction. The participant may only reject such alternatives if these cannot be considered comparable to those that would have been provided under the agreement or if the price reduction offered cannot be considered reasonable.

6.2.2. If the organizer cannot offer any alternative or if the participant has the right to reject such alternatives according to 6.2.1., The participant may be entitled to price deductions and compensation.

6.2.3. In the event of errors that significantly affect the fulfillment of the package tour and which the organizer has not adjusted within a reasonable time, the participant may terminate the agreement and may also be entitled to price deductions and compensation.

6.2.4. In the event the organizer cannot offer any alternative or if the participant has the right to reject such alternatives according to 6.2.1., Or if the participant has terminated the agreement according to 6.2.3, the participant is entitled to equivalent transport home without undue delay and at no extra cost if the package includes transport and the participant is at the destination.

6.3. Change of itinerary and delays
Changes to the itinerary may take place if necessary. Weather, authorities, access to the anchorage, political conditions and other factors can force changes in the tour / workshop itinerary. Airlines can change their flight times or routes, which can also affect the itinerary / workshop schedule, which is therefore always preliminary. Participating in this type of tour / workshop means accepting circumstances over which the tour operator cannot control. Upon registration, the participant accepts this fact. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the contract terms applicable to the tours / workshops, but always does this with the participant’s best interests as a goal. Participants are not entitled to compensation after such changes to the itinerary. If a tour / workshop is delayed, or if a tour / workshop itinerary has to be changed due to bad weather, road conditions, delays of transport vehicles, state intervention or other eventualities, such as bankruptcies and / or strikes of airlines and transport companies, which are not controlled by the organizer or its agents, the price for these delays and changes is not included in the price.

6.4. Limitation of liability
The organizer, agents and employees announce that they only act as agents for owners, contractors and suppliers of means of transport and all associated travel and workshop services and do not assume any responsibility for extra cost, personal injury, loss or damage of belongings that is a direct results of natural disasters, delays, quarantines, strikes, thefts, burglary, terrorism or anything else that we do not control. Changes to the itinerary can be made to adapt the tour / workshop to the circumstances. In the event of a participant’s illness or accident, on board or ashore, which requires evacuation and / or home transport of participants, the responsibility for payment for these services rests entirely with the participant. The organizer advises you to take out travel and accident insurance to cover costs in such a situation. If the participant has not taken out such insurance, the payment responsibility still rests with the participant and the organizer disclaims all responsibility.

7.1. Price deductions are not made if the organizer can show that the error is due to the participant.

7.2. The participant is not entitled to compensation if the organizer shows that the error is due to the participant or to a third party unrelated to the provision of travel services included in the package tour, or if the error is due to unavoidable and extraordinary events.

7.3. If the error is due to someone hired by the organizer, the organizer is free from liability for damages according to these travel conditions only if also the person hired by the organizer would be free according to that provision. The same applies if the error is due to someone else in an earlier stage.

7.4. The right to compensation for damages due to the organizer canceling the tour does not exist if the organizer shows that fewer people than a minimum number specified in the agreement signed up for the trip and the participant within a time specified in the agreement is notified in writing that the tour has been canceled. Notice that a tour is canceled must be submitted at the latest
– 20 days before departure if the trip lasts longer than 6 days
– 7 days before departure if the trip lasts between 2 and 6 days
– 48 hours before departure if the trip lasts less than 2 days

7.5. Compensation for damages under these terms and conditions include compensation for pure capital damage, personal injury and property damage. The participant is obliged to limit the damage as much as possible.

7.6. Unless other restrictions follow from the Package Travel Act or other mandatory legislation, the organizer’s liability for damage is limited to three times the package travel price. However, this limitation does not apply to personal injury or to damage caused intentionally or through negligence.

8.1. The participant may only call for errors in the agreed services if he or she notifies the organizer or operator of the error within a reasonable time after he or she has noticed or should have noticed it. This should be done as soon as possible and if possible at the destination. The moment in time the participant made the complaint, if such a message had meant that the organizer could have adjusted the error, is taken into account when determining any price deduction or compensation for damages.

8.2. Notwithstanding clause 8.1, the participant may call for errors if the organizer or operator has acted with gross negligence or in breach of good faith.

9.1. Organizer’s instructions
The participant is obliged to follow the instructions for carrying out the tour provided by the tour leader or by another person hired by the organizer. The participant is obliged to respect the rules of procedure that apply to the tour and to the destination and behave so that fellow participants or others are not disturbed. If the participant in a material way violates this, the organizer can terminate the agreement without the participant being entitled to compensation or refund.

9.2. The participants liability for damage
The participant is responsible for any compensation for damages due to damage caused to the organizer by the participant through negligence.

9.3. The participants responsibility for formalities
9.3.1. The participant is responsible for observing the necessary formalities for the tour to be carried out, such as possession of a valid passport, visa, vaccinations, and insurance. The organizer advises participants to take out travel insurance which also includes ambulances both on site and at home. Cancellation protection is also recommended if a situation arises when you have to cancel the tour / workshop. To participate in a tour / workshop with us, you must have generally good health. It is important that participants with medical conditions and participants with requirements for special diet inform the organizer about this before the tour. Ask us if the tour / workshop places high demands on your health and whether it suits you or not. The tour guide / workshop leader has the right to declare a participant unable to complete the tour / workshop at any time during the tour / workshop, if he or she considers that the participant’s health does not meet the requirements or if the participant endangers his/her own and / or other participants’ safety. Refunds will not be made on such an occasion. By paying the registration fee, the participant certifies that he / she does not suffer from physical or mental problems that could expose him / her and / or other participants to danger during the tour / workshop.

9.3.2. The participant must have completed check-in for all transport services included in the package trip in accordance with the itinerary or other instructions from the organizer or operator.

9.3.3. The participant is responsible for all costs that arise due to deficiencies in the mentioned formalities, such as home transport due to lack of passport, unless the deficiencies are caused by incorrect information from the organizer or operator.

9.3.4. The participant is responsible for taking part in information provided by the organizer.

9.4. Deviating from the event
A participant who deviates from the event after the start of the tour is obliged to notify the organizer or his representative.

If the participant is in difficulty during the tour, the organizer is obliged to provide appropriate assistance without undue delay. Such help can be, for example, information about health services, local authorities and consular support. The organizer has the right to charge a reasonable fee for such assistance if the situation is caused intentionally or through negligence on the part of the participant.

The parties should try to resolve disputes concerning the interpretation or application of the agreement on their own. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute can be tried by Allmänna reklamationsnämnden (ARN), Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, www.arn.se, or by a general court. A dispute can also be tried via the European Commission’s online platform: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

The combined travel services you are offered constitute a package trip within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2015/2302. Therefore, you are covered by all EU rights that apply to package travel. The organizer will be fully responsible for ensuring that the package tour as a whole is completed correctly. In addition, the organizer has by law, a protection to refund your payments and, when transport is included in the package tour, ensure your home transport if they become insolvent.

More information on fundamental rights according to Directive (EU) 2015/2302 can be read here.